Sunday, 15 January 2012

Going Crazy About Being Touched

If you speak to someone in marketing they often try to pin point the relevance of doing something. One example is a Farmer selling free range eggs by using a wooden sign at the side of the road. They could hand-paint a message and customers would respond. In contrast would the same type of sign work if you were selling nuclear powered submarines with a new specialist technology?

Other marketing professional’s state that anywhere a customer encounters your service or product they should experience a continuity of your basic values. These are known as touch points. They include the obvious like a business card or a web site but there are less obvious things too such as a telephone call or a training manual. These should all trigger a sensory stimulation relating back to your basic values.

All of this is something we have to take in to account if we are going to establish DrivenByQ not only as an outstanding service but also as a recognised and respected brand. We have our logo ready to stamp everywhere and we have our nice business cards and even a social media presence but I am starting to question if everyone on our team is really in touch with our basic values - even me, the Managing Director!

We need to go right back to the start and re-examine why we do what we do; why customers love what we do; and why we want other people to know how much our customers love us to do what we love to do! So, before we can go crazy with understanding where to deliver our message, it’s time to understand why we are crazy about our message!